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After many years working with some of the Carolinas preeminent development companies, Jim Broemer, WelCor's founder, identified a need in the development community.  Land development companies, retailers, landowners, and even retail development companies, often requesting assistance in developing a particular project had approached Jim on numerous occasions seeking assistance.  At the time, as a partner in a development company, he could only work on a project if it fit within the financial and development niche parameters of his current partnership.  He formed WelCor so he would not have any constraints when he approached a project.  He could assemble the best team on a project level basis that would result in the best outcome for the client requesting the services.
 WelCor Development is a retail and mixed-use development consulting company created to help landowners, retailers, financial institutions, homebuilders and anyone who needs assistance with unlocking the maximum retail development potential of their project.  WelCor also has a strong record of accomplishment working with retail development firms who may need to augment their staff and help in their development efforts.  At times, retail development companies do not have sufficient staff on the ground in the Carolinas, or may not have experience with a specific category of retail.  WelCor can provide the local mileage for each project.  WelCor matches the specific resources needed in a project to the requirements of the customer.  Utilizing WelCor’s extensive mixed-use and retail development experience, we assist in the planning stage to maximize the programming development thereby enticing the best uses for the project.
The individual selection of the team for each project provides services that can take the project all the way through initial entitlements, finance, construction, and sale.  WelCor will even provide development or equity partners if the ownership group desires.